Spicy Burger Bowl

With out a doubt our #1 seller. Spicy ground beef sliced and laid on top of a bed of seasoned basmati rice w/ scrambled egg red peppers and broccoli and jalapeño. It gets better when we drizzle Tapatio sauce over the top to give it more heat. *Must like spice

  • Protein: 35G
  • Carbs: 35G
  • FAT: 7G
  • CALORIES: 343



INGREDIENTS: Angus beef, seasoned brown rice, one scrambled egg, vegetable medley, and hot sauce. Caution: Spicy means hot. Specific sauce and seasoning ingredients available upon request: 844.877.4GEO

INSTRUCTIONS: Keep refrigerated until use. Loosen or remove lid, microwave 1.5-2 minutes or until steaming and warm all the way through.


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